She said Constantinople was the gossips' Home Sweet Home, and complimented herself on attracting little attention. What with her modest way of life: 'I have no dog to "keep the boys off"' she told the family, but judging by a few things that happened, 'I fear that were I ever to become a widow -- which God forbid! as I am really "married" to Khan and hate all others -- I would not be allowed to remain one, very long.' If she could see this, she said, what about other women who were out all the time, 'dancing, dining, and in the whirl?' Khan had, she said, strategically placed various 'guardians' to watch over her during his absence, not realizing that all of them were now 'a little bit in love' with her, and one 'so hopeless he has had to quit the job!' Khan 'always tells me I am now too old for anyone to look at, and I sincerely believed it, up to two months ago.'

Marzieh Gail, Arches of the Years, p. 202-203