Death - Wanting to Die

Tuba Khánum: When my little sister, Ruh-AngiAsiyih, arrived, there was some disappointment that she was not a boy. Bahá’u’lláh said "I will love her more than all the rest; you must not wish that she had been a boy." Little Ruh-Angiz loved Bahá’u’lláh very fervently. When He had passed from earth she was full of sadness: "I want to go through that same door to Heaven; didn't He go through it?"

"No thank you," she would say, "I do not wish for anything. I would like best of all to go to Him." So often she spoke of the other world, that she seemed to grow nearer and nearer to it. The next year she passed from earth to the Heaven where she wished to be.

Lady Blomfield, The Chosen Highway

[‘Abdu’l-Bahá said] I am tired of travelling and looking at the things of this world. I want to go above and travel and see in the spiritual worlds. What do you think about that?" He asked suddenly, beaming on the old watchman. The watchman looked puzzled and scratched his head. "Which would you rather posses," continued the Master, "the material or the spiritual world?" Still the old man pondered. At last he brought forth: "Well, I guess the material. You know you have that, anyway." "But you do not lose it when you have attained the spiritual world.

When you go upstairs in a house, you don't leave the house. The

lower floor is under you.

Source unknown

“…. a comment - I’ll call it ‘the anticipation of liberation’.  One day as He sat in His chair, looking out onto the Mediterranean, in the dining room of the house of ‘Abdu’l-láh Páshá, the same room where the talks recorded in Some Answered Questions were given, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá said: “Oh, won’t it be wonderful when at last we are liberated from the body and we’ll be able to fly throughout the universe.”

My Interview With Laura Dreyfus-Barney (Paris 1967) by Jack McLean