Eating Disorders

Tahirih loved pretty clothes, and perfumes, and she loved to eat. She could eat sweets all day long. Once, years after Tahirih had gone, an American woman traveled to 'Akka and sat at ‘Abdu’l-Bahá's Table; the food was good; and she ate plentifully, and then asked the Master's forgiveness for eating so much. He answered: virtue and excellence consist in true faith in God, not in having a small or a large appetite for food. . . . Jinab-i-Tahirih had a good appetite. When asked concerning it, she would answer, "It is

recorded in the Holy Traditions that one of the attributes of the people of paradise is 'partaking of food, continually.'''

Marzieh Gail, The Baha’i World 1940-1944, Source