My son, Ethan Olinga, who is ten years old now, was sung to during pregnancy and early months of his life as I fed him, just as the Master says mothers should. He was also exposed to the photo of the Master and always encouraged to have an independent relationship with him.  When he was around 2 1/2 and could not yet speak, he woke up from his nap one afternoon, and in a rather dazed way looked around his room as if he was looking for something. He then ran and grabbed his photo of Abdu-'l-Bahá, ran back to me and kept pointing to the picture, repeating the Farsi word 'Nour.'  We had never taught him the word, and never said any such word in relation to the Master. Our conclusion was that he must have dreamt of the Master who must have mentioned something about nour/light to him. He is a staunch Bahá’í now and a very conscientious and sensitive young man. Those who know him well have always commented on his relationship to the Faith and asked what we might have done to encourage him to love the Faith and all we have done is just pray with him and provided him with plenty of books on all religions and stating to him over and over again that he must study everything and decide for himself when he is 15.

Tahirih Danesh, email to compiler